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The Canadian Cult Classic - More than a movie, It's a way of life!

FUBAR an official selection of the Sundance Film Festival.

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COMING SOON EXCLUSIVELY TO SWEARNET!! Terry and Trish want to regain custody of their son Deano so they can afford to get divorced. Terry tries to become a professional manager for Calgary’s wrestling royalty the Harts, Shank’s swindles them to pay for his reno, Trish gets deep into a pyramid scheme and everyone learns home is where the hash is! Let’s get fucked up and fucken giver already!



FUBAR 2: Balls to the Wall (2010)

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I met the Trailer Park Boys

This is the story of how I ended up in the Sunnyvale Correctional Facility. Watch the full season of Trailer Park Boys Jail only at

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Team up with two lifelong FUBAR friends Terry and Deaner to become a party tycoon!

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FUBAR - Age of Computer

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