The real story on 4/20

This is the true nature on the history of 4/20.

By Dean Murdoch

Back in the pre-Merlin days, in the Land of the Ancient Wizards, the calender had 420 days. Uther, the original Spellcaster decreed that on that last day of the year, the 420th day, there was to be 24 hours of bong hits from hollowed out trees, massive orgies with trained virgins and master swordsman, and limitless beer, which back in the day was called Fearlies. Then when Socrates changed the calender to 365 days (the fuckin asshole), they were like, fuck, when do we party?  And Uther was like, Fuck it, we party EVERDAY, at 420. And so we do. Bongs up motherfuckers.


NIGHTSEEKER, it get’s in your ¬†fucken HEAD!! The Deaner worked hard on this one, Get ready to tear a new party hole in the fabric of ROCK!

Essential knowledge of soundtrack:
Night Seeker single “Give’r Take All” is now available at iTunes Canada.
iTunes Deluxe Edition of Soundtrack will be available to pre-order at iTunes this weekend Oct 1rst.

Get’r GOIN!!!!

Tron has a rap track on it, “Christmas in the Abyss” Here’s the video: