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Watch Terry and Deaner Rock Up to TIFF Live

TIFF’ed update: check out the sweet Ford F150 truck ‘the man’/suits decked out so she’s Built To Give’r tonight fuckin tailgate style. Planin’ to live stream this shit right here on facefuck at 5PM – Midnight EST. Sweet prizes: tickets, pils an a laptwat if you got nothin better to do but fuck the dog, grab a pil and tune in. who knows? Maybe you’ll win another pil.

BC Bush Party

Tron and me went to Squamish, BC and partied with Pil winners. I was tryin’ to get Tron to showcase his rappin’ abilitities.

Deaner smashed a carton of eggs on my mane last week and its been nice and shiney ever since cus I ain’t washed it yet.